Fox red and yellow working labradors
Appollo Jet Warrior - Basil
Basil is a stylish and athletic medium build dog. He is fast, but holds ground very well on scent. 

Training Basil has been very rewarding and he is shaping up well in his career as a picking up dog, and accompanying Toby on shoot days.  Basil is a fantastic game finder and steady on the peg.  He won his first test at West Wycombe Park.

He is a proven stud dog, siring puppies with wonderful temperament and natural working ability.  Basil produces both yellow and fox red Labrador puppies.
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Health Testing:

BVA Health Schemes:
  • Hips: 3/3  Elbows: 0
  • Eyes: Clear March 2017

DNA Tests:
  • PRA - Clear
  • CNM - Clear
  • EIC - Clear
  • NARC (Narcolepsy) - Clear
  • RD/OSD - Clear
  • SD (dwarfism) - Clear